Admission guidance : 

Selection of institution is a very important and sensitive decision to make. Generally, students, after they decide about their career path, are confused about the institution where they should take admission.

Our counselors guide you throughout the admission process by analyzing your profile which is based on the following : 

  1. Area of interest.
  2. Test Scores.
  3. Location preference.
  4. Financial status.

Our counselors are fully qualified and use scientific methods using your profile to select the best institution for you to propel your career. They will give you in-depth information about the institution/s which will include their ranking, fee structure, and detailed placement reports.

Scholarship guidance :

Money is a very important factor while pursuing higher studies and we are well aware of its value. There are numerous opportunities provided by the institution and other organizations on the basis of merit, financial status, and test scores.

Our counselors provide proper assistance in the form of tuition fee bursaries, scholarships, application fee waivers, etc. provided by the institution itself or other organizations. They will inform you about various internship programs, industrial placements etc so that fee is not anymore a burden for the candidate. 

Education loan : 

All public and private sector banks provide student loans, which can be used to cover the university fees, purchase of books, equipment, travel expenses, purchase of computers, and other expenses that might occur during the course period. 

We make this process hassle free by connecting you with various banks and we also give guidance on the required documents, procedures etc.

Course selection 

TaT experts are extremely well trained and equipped in career counselling. We map your entire career path, interest and what you have excelled at to help you choose the best options for students. We sit with students individually to figure out what they want to purse and with other histories help them choose their best option. 

You will not only get the best universities but also get estimates about where to go according to your budget and interests. This will help improve your chances of getting into the best of colleges.  

Career counselling

Choosing a career path according to your interest has always been a difficult choice for students across various geographies. with more an more career options available by the day it is very easy for students to get confused. 

We not only help choose career options according to individual’s interest, skill set, qualifications and personality but also understand the emotional hazards and apprehensions individuals go through before taking big career jumps. We have an array of expert counselors who understand the student psychology and guide accordingly. Our completely unbiased career advice with the various options can help bring clarity and simplify the decision making process.

Application process

Many students start getting cold feet during the application process. We know what difficulties students face during this time and guide them through the entire application process till it is submitted. With an expertise of over a decade we ease students through the application process.

Since we know what the documents needed are, we can help the students get everything in place before they start with the application process. We provide complete end to end solutions that are customized for the benefit of each individual.

Visa assistance

A valid visa is the most thing that bothers students and parents alike. TaT makes visa applications simple. We take care of your end-to-end visa process without you having to go through any hassles. We have been dealing with visa applications for years now so we understand the process in and out. 

You can come to us for any visa application at all odd hours. We are ready to help you and give you round-the-clock support. We have an excellent relationship team of experts to offer you accurate study abroad student visa information. TaT has very strong relationships with Embassies and High Commissions worldwide to ease the visa process. 

We help you with the documentation process from lodging the student visa application and coordinating with the respective embassy. Different countries have different visa process and application procedure and since we have extensive experience we can help you in the process. 

We have in-house counsellors who review all documents carefully before processing them further. We had a huge success rate which is close to perfection as we keep updating ourselves with changing regulations and procedure.

Pre-departure guidance

Till you actually go it is completely our responsibility to make sure that it is perfect for you. We guide and assist you through all pre-departure formalities to make sure your departure is as smooth as possible. We help with hassle free departure processes. 

If you come on aboard with TaT you can be rest assured that your entire process of going abroad will be smooth.